Sterling Hammer

Product Description

Sterling Hammer is an existing most powerful hammer in the same class!


Significantly wider offering & 4 market segments enable further success

Sea Side

River Side

Sand Field

With Auger


Strong Points of Sterling Hammer

Faster and more powerful

  • Faster penetration and pulling up than other vibratory hammers thanks to bigger and centered eccentric weight

Easy maintenance

Low maintenance cost

  • Concise structure of components

Rotational mounting

  • 360 hydraulic rotation system

Rigid and durability

  • Durable structure and rigid rubber cushion

Easy installation & operation

  • Concise operation electric kits

Comparison and type of Vibratory hammers

“N” Company type


Sterling Technology

Sterling Hammer’s Feature

Horizontal Structure

Vertically Structure

Sterling Hammer’s advantage : 15% higher efficiency than the same class hammer

Conventional Hammer vs Sterling Hammer


Summary of Sterling Hammer’s selling point

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