Euromach Walking Spider Excavator

Product Description

The R1055 Forester excavator was born from Euromach’s forty years of experience in construction of articulated excavators; however, it was designed keeping in mind the new costumers needs of these machines and using the latest innovations in field of hearth moving.

The machine was born from a complete reinterpretation of the old models, best integrated with the latest technological innovations. The main point of the new model is the 3600 cc Deutz engine wich develops a power of 105 Kw (142 Hp) in the STAGE V version with FAP + SCR and ADBlue. The other salient point is the new CHASSIS, completely recreated and designed to be able to install a winch with 6000 Kg of pull inside the machine brackets (OPTION). However, this new concept maintain the main feature, common to all our models, of extreme compactness of the machine. The width of the machine chassis is in fact only 2300 mm with 600 mm tires and only 2100 mm with 500 mm tires.


Operative weight:

starting from 11500 Kg

Engine's model:

Deutz TCD 3.6 Stage III / Stage V

Engine's type:

Water cooled 4 strokes turbo diesel, Intercooler

Engine size:

3600 (cc)

Max power:

142 Hp (105 KW)

Potential difference:

24 V

Max arm extension:

from 7850 mm (version A) to 8580 mm (version D)

Total pumps flow:

555 l/min

Penetration force:

62 KN

Break off force:

110 KN

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