Hydraulic Feller-deforesting Clamp WR Series

Product Description

Designed for large-scale cutting and harvesting of timber, felling of unsafe trees and landscape care and maintenance work.

Ideal for companies that carry out maintenance of street greenery, for reclamation consortia and for companies that operate in the ecological and environmental enhancement sector. The innovative double blade cutting system significantly improves penetration into the material, does not weaken the trunk, does not damage the bark, guaranteeing a clean, clean and linear cut.

  1. Suitable for operating on steep slopes and steep terrain along roadsides, steep slopes, embankments and orchards.
  2. It ensures high productivity by making the resulting material suitable for subsequent transformation phases (chipping, shredding, biomass, etc.).
  3. Directly operated central grip gills.
  4. Optional direct drive upper accumulation gills to allow multiple cuts and optimize the work cycle.
  5. Fork trunk support. Created to increase safety when cutting logs and facilitate unloading and releasing the cut material.
  6. The WR Series can be configured with two rotary units.
    a) HD version with fifth wheel with 2 rotation motors to guarantee greater strength and hold during the movement of the gripping trunk;
    b) version with tilting system (unit without fifth wheel but with 50° right/left tilting saddle) for long and heavy trunks.
  7. Optional “pedestal” which facilitates translation maneuvers on steep slopes.
  8. The double blade, the central and upper grip gills, the fork support are all in HARDOX 400 wear-resistant material.

Technicals Details


3 (see specifications in the technical data sheet)


from 1,220 to 2,150 kg

Excavator Weight:

from 11 to 35 tons






Ø Trunk:

from 400 to 550 mm

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