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Newcastle Equipment & Attachments

We started Newcastle India in 2021 a firm that is going strong with a vision to provide quality equipment & Attachments to the Construction industry.

We are a family-owned business, run by qualified engineers with extensive industry experience.

Newcastle India is engaged in supplying a variety of Excavators, Backhoe-loaders & skid steer loaders.

We also give a special variety of attachments like Rock Breaker, Earth Augers, Rail Cutter, Plate compactor, Crusher bucket, screening bucket, Vibro Ripper, Demolition crusher, Grapple, Amphibious Track, Concrete mixer bucket, Slop compactor, Tamping Rammers, Plate compactor, Vibratory Roller, Reversible Plate Compactor and many more.

We deal with high-grade national and international company products meeting most of your equipment needs.