Sterling Auto Tilt Hammer

Product Description

Sterling Hammer is an existing most powerful hammer in the same class!


Significantly wider offering & 4 market segments enable further success

Sea Side

River Side

Sand Field

With Auger


Sterling Auto Tilt Hammer is an existing most robust tilt type hammer!

Strong Points Of Sterling Auto Tilt Hammer

More efficient and safter works

  • 90-degree tilt / 360。hydraulic rotation function enable more efficient and safer works

“Auto Hold” function on 90-degree tilt position

Low maintenance cost  & Easy maintenance

  • Compact design with no failure-prone cylinders of tilt function

Rigid and durability

  • Durable structure and rigid rubber cushion

Low maintenance cost easy maintenance

  • Concise structure of components

Easy installation operation

  • Concise operation electric kits


Comparison and Type of Vibratory Hammers

Sterling Hammer's advantage : 15% higher efficiency than the same class hammer

Conventional Hammer vs Sterling Hammer


  • Sterling Hammer is an existing most powerful hammer in the same class!
  • Bigger and heavier eccentric weights make Sterling Hammer most powerful in class


Vibratory Hammer Vs Sterling Hammer

Summary of Sterling Hammer’s selling point

Working Range – SH25 Tilt

Suitable Excavator : 20 ~ 26 ton



Working Range – SH30 Tilt

Suitable Excavator : 28 ~ 36 ton




Working Range – SH40 Tilt

Suitable Excavator : 36 ~ 55 ton


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